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In-depth Viniyoga Studies in Canada
Workshops, Foundations Course, Teacher Training

Viniyoga Information:
Viniyoga: Adapting Yoga to the Individual

 Viniyoga sites:

Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, in India

Centre canadien de yoga, in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

Le Yoga Centre - in Montreal.

Viniyoga Trainings - now offering training for Viniyoga students and teachers in Canada.

Kausthub Desikachar's site

Larry Payne is President of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and teaches in the tradition of Desikachar and his father Krishnamacharya

American Viniyoga Institute: Gary Kraftsow teaches in  the tradition of Desikachar and his father Krishnamacharya

Heart of Yoga - teaching in the Desikachar tradition

The Pierce Yoga  Program, in Atlanta Georgia. All of their teachers have studied with Desikachar

The Yoga Centre, in Redondo Beach, California. Affiliated with Gary Kraftsow's American Viniyoga Institute.

Viniyoga with John Kemper - in Arkansas

Annapurna Club - located in Marne-la-valée, France. Website in French.

Fédération Française de Yoga Viniyoga - French Viniyoga federation. Website in French.

An Italian Viniyoga site - Website in Italian, of course.

Viniyoga New York  and Yoga for WellBeing - "Dedicated to providing information and resources for those individuals interested in pursuing Viniyoga." Viniyoga classes and information.

Yoga for all - in New York City - ""We believe that anyone starting at anytime, can achieve
mental, physical and spiritual balance thru the proper practice of Yoga."

Viniyoga - Official Swiss Viniyoga site. In French.

Viniyoga Ireland

 Viniyoga Teachers in Canada:

Liz Murtha - Bayfield, ON - Viniyoga teacher, trained at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram and with Paul Harvey at Viniyoga Britain - 519-233-3433.

Rosemary Jeannes Antze - Toronto, ON - teaches in the Viniyoga tradition.

See also the listing of Viniyoga teachers trained through the Centre Canadien du Yoga

 Viniyoga Resources:

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