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I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Here's how you can get more information or register for classes:

e-mail:          yogayoga@here.is
phone:          613-868-YOGA (9642)
ICQ:              3120668


To register for a yoga session, please fill in this form. Your information will automatically be emailed to me. I will send you an email to confirm receipt of your registration form and make to arrangements for your payment. Full payment must be received by March 5th, 2003 in order for a place to be held for you.  We accept cash only. Class size is limited so register early.

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This is a Sanskrit hymn called shanti mantra (peace chant). Please consider these to be my wishes for you:

saha naavavatu

saha nau bhunaktu

aha viiryam karavaavahai

tejasvi naavadhiitham asthu

maa vidvishhaavahai

OM shaantih shaantih shaantih     
May we protected (by the Divine)

May we be nourished (by the Divine)

May we pursue study with vigour

May we illumined by this study

May we not argue (due to different viewpoints)

Let peace reign in all the three planes