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Yoga Classes

Kripalu Yoga:
Group Classes Now in Sandy Hill
Private Classes

Yoga Therapy:
IYT Yoga for Total Wellness and Stress Reduction Program
One-on-one private yoga therapy sessions

Exploring the Chakras

 Yoga Workshops
IYT Yoga for Total Wellness and Stress Reduction Workshop
Yoga for persons with HIV/AIDS 
Yoga for elders 
Radical Self-Care (aka "Self-care for Radicals and Activists") (coming soon)

 Kripalu small group classes

Now being offered in Sandy Hill: Classes will resume in January 2004.

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Duration and Cost

Class description:
Usually, classes begin with a centering, and warm-up postures. Students have the opportunity to explore one posture in-depth, and then continue through a flowing practice that includes postures from each of the posture groups (standing, kneeling, lying, inversions, backbends and seated). In these classes there is a strong emphasis on linking breath and movement, as is taught in the Viniyoga method, and on connecting with the Self, as is taught in the Kripalu tradition. Classes conclude with breathing practice and a short silent meditation period. These classes are appropriate for beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners. Space is limited so please register early.

Catherine Matthews is a Kripalu teacher who also teaches in Sandy Hill. Her classes are held on Thursday nights. Email her for more details.

More information about my philosophy of teaching.
Yoga FAQ.

 Private Kripalu classes can be arranged on request. They can be held in your own home or in a public facility.

Class fees start at $65/hr for private instruction. Fees vary depending upon the length and type of class desired, the number of students in a class, and the location.

Customized classes are available to meet your individual needs. Yoga has been used to benefit chronically ill, injured and postoperative individuals. It can also be beneficial for a range of health problems  such as back pain, stress, recovery from cancer and addictions, chronic fatigue, depression, and AIDS.

 IYT Yoga for Total Wellness and Stress Reduction

Integrative Yoga Therapy is an aspect of the ancient science of Yoga that focusses on health and wellness at all levels of the person: physical, psychological and spiritual.  It marries Western and Eastern approaches to health and well-being.

 Yoga and Wellness Workshop:

This experiential workshop introduces the concepts of stress and wellness from a whole-body perspective. It presents basic information on the link between stress and illness, and introduces participants to concrete and specific yoga-based tools to cope with stress, and to promote healing of its ill effects.

The Yoga and Wellness workshop can take place over a day, half-day or a period of a few hours. It is designed as an introduction to the 10-week Yoga and Wellness Program, but is valuable also as a stand-alone experience.

 Yoga and Wellness Program:

This course brings together many facets of Yoga that have been especially effective in reducing stress and facilitating wellness. Each class uses various learning modalities to present both body-based experiences and educational information about stress, wellness and Yoga.


Week One:           Introduction to the Course. "What will I learn?”
Week Two:          The Breath: Are you really breathing?
Week Three:        Body Awareness: Facilitating mind-body-spirit connection is the key to health.
Week Four:          Understanding Stress. Learning to use Yoga for stress management.
Week Five:          The Power of Belief. Bringing greater health and energy Into our lives.
Week Six:          a) Living From the Heart: The physical and metaphorical heart and its role in health and healing.
                            b) Developing a Healthy Posture
Week Seven:      Energy: Yoga’s source of health
Week Eight:        Introduction to Ayurveda (India's traditional medicine): Ayurvedic anatomy
Week Nine:         Opening to Life: Integrating the course

Students will leave this program with an understanding of the importance of the mind-body-spirit in maintaining and promoting health. They will also learn effective tools that they can take home and use in their daily lives to deal with stress and promote wellness at all levels of their being.

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 One-on-One IYT Sessions

Integrative Yoga Therapy is an aspect of the ancient science of Yoga that focusses on health and wellness at all levels of the person: physical, psychological, and spiritual. It marries Western and Eastern approaches to health and well-being.

The Process:
Step 1: The overall well-being of the individual is assessed at all levels, using both      Western and Eastern approaches.

Step 2: Areas of separation are identified.

Step 3: The role of stress or of a particular health challenge in an individual's life is      examined.

Step 4: The factors which facilitate wellness are determined.

Step 5: A personalized IYT program is established and followed, using the factors      identified in Step 4 as the guide.

Separation, and the resulting stress, is considered to be a fundamental cause of illness. The Integrative Yoga practitioner is a guide or mentor on the journey of healing and self-discovery. She or he creates a safe learning environment and facilitates activities in which students can remember their own innate healing resources. The Integrative Yoga practitioner does not offer diagnosis and treatment for specific conditions.

The cost of one-on-one yoga therapy sessions is $65/hr. Sessions last 60 minutes. The contents vary as the student's needs change. Please e-mail me or call (613) 355-YOGA to make an appointment.

 Exploring the Chakras

Using experiential exercises and tools from Kripalu Yoga, Integrative Yoga Therapy and Anodea Judith's book The Sevenfold Journey, students will have an opportunity to spend one class exploring each of the eight chakras. Classes include journalling, group sharing, intellectual and physical explorations of the chakras and an experience of yoga asanas as they relate to the particular chakra being explored. This course runs 10 weeks. Please contact me for further information.

Yoga Workshops:

 Yoga for persons living with HIV / AIDS

These are classes especially for people living with HIV or AIDS, and their partners / friends / family / caregivers.

A series of Iyengar-style yoga postures are presented, with special emphasis on developing a compassionate attitude toward one's self and one's body during practice. This series of postures was developed by The Yoga Group of Colorado especially to benefit people living with HIV / AIDS. The  Iyengar tradition has determined these postures to be helpful in encouraging immune function, as well as promoting relaxation (which is also of benefit  to immune function) and general wellness. Many of the  postures presented will make use of props, enabling most people to perform them, regardless of their current level of flexibility.

The workshop is taught by Shula Day-Savage, a certified Kripalu yoga instructor. Kripalu yoga is unique for combining yoga postures with breathing techniques as a vehicle for finding energy blocks in the body. This act of seeking out and then releasing  physical tensions awakens and develops trust in the body's inner wisdom, facilitating deep feelings of well-being.

As with any new physical activity, please consult your health care provider before beginning a Yoga practice. Wear nonrestrictive clothing for this workshop. (Sweats aren't necessary but I don't recommend jeans because they don't have enough "give" in them.) Bring a blanket or two and pillows to use for props.

E-mail for more information on the workshop.

For more information and resources on yoga for persons living with HIV / AIDS, visit The Yoga Group of Colorado, who are (to my knowledge) the originators of this specialized therapeutic application of yoga.

 Yoga for Elders

"The only prerequisite is willingness to breathe!"

Gentle yoga postures will be presented, with special emphasis on the breath. This workshop will introduce a yoga practice that suits the needs of elders. Many postures will be done seated, or in chairs, and with props, enabling most people to perform them, regardless of their current level of physical activity or flexibility.

Kripalu yoga is unique for cultivating a compassionate attitude toward one's self and one's body during practice. It combines yoga postures with breathing techniques as a way to find, and then release, physical tension and stress.

For further information:
Call: (613) 355-YOGA