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Miscellaneous Canadian listings
Canadian Links Sites
Canadian Yoga Retailers

 Canadian Links Sites:

Centre canadien du Yoga links page (This is page is in French but most of it will be obvious, even to an English speaker.)

Swami Radha Centres throughout Canada

"Links to sites promoting mental, spiritual and physical well being"

Healthlink Niagara - Yoga Instruction in the Niagara Region - list of Yoga clinics & practitioners

Links leading to information in the fields of Yoga, Metaphysics, Herbs, and Alternative Medicine's List of Canadian teachers

Yogafinder - find Canadian yoga teachers and centres with this database, searchable by province, country and city

List of Canadian Brahma Kumaris Centres

 Canadian Yoga Retailers:

YOGO - in Ottawa - Comfortable cotton alternatives to spandex and lycra.

Karma Care Products for Yoga - Toronto - 1-866-MATYOGA

Yoga Essentials

Dream Designs - "great people making quality yoga and meditation products in Vancouver since 1981."