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About Shula Day-Savage

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 About Shula:

 Shula first began yoga practice when she was nine years old, inspired by Kareen Zebroff's televised yoga program. She has practiced on and off over the years since then. Her in-depth interest and practice began when she first encountered Kripalu* yoga as an antidote to stress.

Currently, Shula is taking a teaching hiatus. Usually, she teaches general yoga classes, as well as classes which focus on yoga as a complementary therapy for stress, and for persons living with HIV /  AIDS, as well as for elders. She has an ongoing interest in yoga therapy, and is studying Viniyoga. She has completed Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training, and attended the Integrative Yoga Therapy Core Intensive program, both at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts. Her other interests include Nonviolent Communication, and meditation in the Shambhala tradition. Shula's politics are anarchist and feminist. Her education includes French (in which she is fluent), Psychology, and Women's Studies.

Shula lives in the Sandy Hill neighbourhood of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She has a 10 1/2-year-old daughter, and is owned by a cat.

Pure vanity demands that I include a picture. My web and photographic skills are limited so you will have to excuse the flaws of the photos below!

October, 2000                     

*"Kripalu" is a registered trademark of the Kripalu Yoga Fellowship